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 Post subject: Rules of the Skyrim subforum
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:02 pm 
Wiki Admin
Wiki Admin
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Greetings and salutations, good people of UESP!

At long last, Skyrim is ours - the anticipation is now over! The moderator team is just as excited as you guys to be a part of Skyrim's release and will be looking forward to serving members, new and old, to our maximum potential. In order to make this forum safe and family friendly, it's best we lay down a few ground rules.

Firstly, the moderator team will be out in full force to make sure that all rules of the forum, including proper forum posting etiquette, are followed. You will be expected to follow all the rules of the forum.

If you do not follow forum rules, you will find your posts being deleted, your threads being closed, and your self being warned, if applicable. We will not be as tolerant now as we were in the pre-release days. We would like to encourage everyone to read the rules to re-familiarize yourself with what we expect of you; if you are not sure what we expect etiquette-wise on the forum, I would encourage you to visit the thread What Would Avron Do?, which has some helpful tips about avoiding spam and promoting good communication on the forums.

Secondly, because not all members of the forums will receive the game at the same time, please remember when discussing the game to use the spoiler tag for, you guessed it, spoilers. To use the spoiler tag, simply hit the SPOILER button above the text box and include the text between the two tags, or insert them yourself as follows:

[ spoiler ] secret spoiler stuff here! [ / spoiler ]

If you see a user who has forgotten the spoiler tags, do not react hostilely. Either offer a friendly reminder and an explanation of how to use the tag or use the report function to notify a moderator so we may edit the post for everyone.

Thirdly, we do not accept, tolerate, or permit discussion of illegal activity here on UESP; it is strictly against the rules. This means you are not welcome to talk about pirating the game. If you do, your thread will be locked and you will be warned.

If you have any questions, please send a PM to the Staff so we can assist you in making the most of your posts here. Thank you for following the rules and for making the UESP forums the great place it has been for years. Now go into the rest of the forum and tell us what you’ve done today, Dragon Born!

Faithfully yours,
The Moderator Team <3

 Post subject: Re: Rules of the Skyrim subforum
PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:30 pm 
Grand Master
Grand Master
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Additional suggestions for posting in the Skyrim-Help subforum:

Before posting, please search the forums to see if your question/problem/answer has not already been asked/given. Duplicate threads will be locked and/or merged into the appropriate thread. If your question has not yet been asked, fire away!

Don't forget to include specific details about your problem. It would help if you use a tag such as [PC], [PS3], or [Xbox360] in your subject line so people with similar consoles and information are directed to your post. If it is a quest question, please include the name of the quest. Do not include spoilers in your subject line, and please remember to use the spoiler tags if you are including potential spoiler information.

You cannot double post to "bump" your post. Double posting is considered against forum etiquette, and we will delete your post. Often it is not that anyone is ignoring your posts, but rather that we really don't have an answer. Remember that Skyrim has not been released for a long time and the forums and wiki are going through its details and secrets together and please exercise patience.

And, of course, before you ask a question, try figuring it out yourself! That's half the fun of these games, you know!

Not sure where to post your thread? Here's a quick guide:

Types of threads that should go into the Skyrim-Help subforum:
Questions about solving or proceeding in quests.
Bugs or problems with gameplay, console glitches, and PC specs.
How-to questions for in-game features.

Types of threads that belong in the Skyrim-General subforum:
Discussions involving favorite characters and quests without spoilers.
Posts including character stories, screenshots, and experiences in game.
General questions and discussions about game specific lore, storylines, and features, including member opinions.
Questions about character development with skills and abilities.

If you have any questions or concerns about your thread in this subforum, feel free to PM a moderator such as myself and I will take care of it for you. We don't bite. (Hard.) Happy posting!


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