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Fantasy World Creations

Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:37 am

FWC is a site and forums used for RPs and making games. You can be a fan of western fantasy RPG or Anime RPG stuff, either way, it still is a fun site to be on. It has a growing community that are good to get along with. If you love programming and coding games and what not like that then you would also probably like this. If you are interested in that type of stuff, then you can join. Here are the forums:

[Apparently, non-Elder Scrolls links are prohibited, so, I will simply ask you to type in the following: forum DOT fantasyworldcreations DOT com]

You will also notice that I am a member and have been for some time. I'm just trying to get people to enlist in our little cult. See ya there!
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