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A semblence of social equality

Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:19 am

To be honest, i am not sure why I am writing this. Typically I keep my own opinions to myself as 1) no asked for them and 2) I have gotten burned many times by being so open to more or less strangers. But despite this, I still felt the sudden, and very likely reckless urge to post. Why? Like I said, I don't know. Maybe the influence of the song I am currently listening too (yay stupid teen drive!) or perhaps because of the comment I just read of a poster, of which the same is this thread's subject.
So what is the subject of this thread? Well, more or less as the subject header implies and my view on it.

Recently i had a talk with a friend a mine that put into words the acceptable sexual tolerance of acts in society. "As man progressed", he said in a nutshell, "and in combination with technology that made the day-to-day chores of every day living simpler, the capabilities of what men and women could do became blurred. AS a result what men and women in olden times were expected to be done of them became more generalized and less gender specific." This is very important in the following text, and I ask you remember it.
Back in the day, like in the 12th century, and even up to the Western Age of America, there were expected roles between men and women in society. Women didn't slay monsters an men weren't rescued from despair my ladies in shining armor. And in like turn there were no "cowgirls", I don't care how much you may think so, and guys didn't knit. Not because, in any case, the other sex couldn't perform such tasks, but because the respective sex was better attuned to it.
"But men and women are equal. Whatever a man can do a women can!" you argue. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Admittedly there are many things both genders can take part in, such as knitting or slaying beasts at the edge of a sword, but lets bring another variable into the equation: Nature. Look at the physique of a man, and then a women. Seinfeld, a tv sitcom that aired in the late '90s here in America put it best. I do not recall the exact wording, but basically the skit went on to say that a women is a sleek, sexy, beautiful thing to look at, whereas a man is a hulking, hairy beast, none to pleasing to the eye, though we are far from ugly (obviously so as you silly women keep marrying us :P). And as such, Nature designed us with the intent of fulfilling the roles that we are all programed, exactly like instinct to fulfill. men, with their rough physique and brutish behavior were not intended to talk subtly and secretively in the school of politics, nor were women meant to swing a club to protect her children. Again, both can should the need arise, but just because a wrench can be used as a hammer doesn't mean it necessarily should. oddly enough a wrench is best used as a means to loosen screws or other screw like devices, whereas a hammer does one heck of a job as a pounding device. The women was meant as a nurturer and possessor of a smooth tongue (aka guile or deceit) whereas the man is the workhorse and the procreater (sp?). Now, I know some of you will argue that not every man or women is "born" to be a nurturer or a workhorse, that they were born to be something else (pointed comment about men being born gay) but I tell you this, teach a person the sky is purple long enough, and they will think that the sky is purple. We have already established in threads and conversations past that each person lives in their own world, governed by their own perceptions and definitions of the life around them, so that despite us all living in the same house we do not all live in the same room. However, all those living in the house recognize that we are all the same: flesh and blood, instinct and intellect.
"But man doesn't live on instinct. We evolved above such primitive ways of life." you counter. This is not true. Man, like every beast, is capable of learning, but just as every beast we are all governed by instinct all the same. Man variates from this mold though as he is capable of ignoring instinct and following reason instead. Like i said earlier, tell a man the sky is purple long enough and he will believe the sky to be purple. Thus is called brainwashing. This is what has happened to, in my opinion, most of "civilized" man, and any person who claims to be "born gay", or any such similar argument. You have been duped through numerous generations to push down and suppress your true role in Nature and become something else, something in-human. Men should be bold and strong, proud, and dang it, even a bit arrogant. They should be forthright, blunt and maybe even a bit rude. But they are also kind and polite, genteel and respectful. Women are quiet, reserved, patient, conniving. Harsh sounding to be sure, but no more than it is for a man to be called brutish. but women are also loving, protective, especially of their brood, durable and doggonit they'll at least us men by a long shot.
We are not cavemen, this is what we "evolved" from, this is "civilized". As a race we are resourceful and innovative and durable. But as a society we dupe ourselves into a sense of false elevation by claiming we are all equal. This is not so! And this is so very important, mostly to women, for I see it most in them, but also in men, who are becoming more and more frequent of this err as we "progress" socially.
Women, hear this and heed these words: YOU ARE NOT EQUAL TO MEN!!! Do not try to be, you DO NOT know what you are getting yourself into. It is an insult to stoop yourself that low. Men are simple stupid creatures, concerned with practically two things: food and *ahem*, well I'm sure we all know what I mean. Women, do you want to become this? It is my belief that most women have forgotten their role as a women, the true power they held. Remember Troy of Greece? A whole freaking city, two if I recall correctly, was destroyed, and all because of what? A WOMAN! Just one! No women today could do that. You know why? Because women today are too busy trying to BE the man, because the men today suck as well. And Troy isn't the first example history gives us. Whole cultures and ways of life have been wiped out as men, like animals, killed each other over a women. Women are the hand in the puppets back to men. You drive us, give us purpose and meaning to life. We are lonely without you! Don't believe me? Let's see, what shall I use as an example...? Okay how about this, today I was going through deviant Art, brilliant place by the way, and whilst trying to find my way through all the pictures and art for a good wallpaper, I was hit, over and over again, with one, well two things really: a pair of breasts. More accurately, WOMEN! Women in space ships, women on/in cars, women in games of every kind. Women in any and everything men do. And they were all scantily clad (or pretty darn near so). This is seen in to lights: 1): the base desire of all men: sex and 2): your incorporation and interest in our lives in EVERYTHING we do in our own lives. In part a women should be insulted that all a man sees women as is a means of sex, but believe it or not, that's about it boys and girls. Again, look at Nature. What is the point of the male: impregnate the female and die. Just like that. In fact, in the case of an ant, while in mid-air, having just done the deed, he instantly dies. That is all we are good for: continuing on the lineage; keeping rats in the race to make sure it keeps going. Besides this we aren't good for much else. Even defending the queen and children. BAck to the case of ants, genderless, mindless "zombies" do a better job defending the queen than drones (males) do. Typically in nature the male gets in the way, and in the case of the spider, she eats his freaking butt instead. So women, don't be too upset or surprised when all he looks at is your physical as(s)pec(k)ts.
And this is what you want to be women? Seriously?!
But a women can also take great pleasure in men drawing them, programming them, photographing them, whatever else-ing them in the things they do. Like I said, men are lonely without you. We would have nothing to live for, literally. Nothing to fight for, as history has clearly proven. Nothing to inspire us. I mean, were would we get all those love songs and poems of heart-break if you weren't there? We want and need you, and we show it unashamedly. Sometimes too ashamedly as some of the more pervy guys go. Why would you ever want to give that up to be a man or equal with him? isn't what you have better? What more could you want?

Women are not equal to men, in any regard, and they should never try to be. Instinctually they are programmed differently than men, and over-riding instinct is impossible. how does that saying go? A tamed lion will one day attack his master, no matter how much training? Instinct can't be beat. Period. Furthermore neither are women built the same physically as men and therefore not nearly as suitable as tanks like men are. Strategically you don't send an infantry-man to do the work of a piece of artillery. It is stupidity beyond comprehension. But yet women try to do it every day with "rights of equality" marches and and laws being passed to accept them as equal. Do you understand just how much you insult yourself by doing this? Clearly not, or else you wouldn't be doing it.
You are not men, therefore do not try to be. However, you are different, and this is something to behold. People today have it all backwards, and this is not opinion speaking but rather fact, though nowadays I hear fact is debatable too. Women are happier being women than they are trying to be men. Duh, any one or thing that tries to be something other than what it isn't won't ever be happy; a common lesson any teen must learn. But not knowing or understanding who they are, of how unique and special and different they are, they ignore their instinct and try to be "that grass on the other side of the fence"; in other words they want what they have not, a common flaw of women I seem to recognize the more I age. Be content, know what you have. The gift of being a women is more great than any man could ever comprehend. We are too simple and stupid a creature to ever do that. You are wonderfully complex, manipulative and caring. And though this may sound bad, and I do admit if used incorrectly it can be, though no less so than any other factor or thing abused, it is not. Women, we LIKE being manipulated by you. We enjoy you telling us what to do, giving us meaning, and purpose and joy to life. True, the name WO(E)-MAN wasn't bestowed without good reason, but we need you and we want you, regardless of that fact that we'll kill each other to please you! And besides, don't women like it when men fight over them any way? it shows how appreciated and desired they are. To me at least, this would be the highest honor of being a women.

There is much, much more to this topic than what I have said, regardless of what I have said being much indeed, but I have said enough for now. I know none of this will be understood, accepted, and very little agreed with, both by men and women here on this forum. And I'll admit I am not so arrogant to think that the voice of one man, one very young, and sarcastic man at that to be taken seriously. But I still felt like saying it. Take the information given as you see fit, it is my gift to you and it is not my place to demand of you to do with it as I would desire.
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Re: A semblence of social equality

Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:27 am

You seem to be confusing equal protection under the law with physical equality. Until you distinguish between the two, I can't even begin to address any of that mess of tl;dr you just posted.
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