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Unofficial forum overhaul

Sun Jun 14, 2009 6:23 am

As you might've seen, the forum rules have changed a bit.
There's also a new rule:

Posting of Images

Please just post the link to the picture instead. This will help the the site to load faster for everyone, especially for users without a high-speed internet connection.
Exception: sticky topics. You are allowed to post images in sticky topics like "Post your character" with a maximum height of 800 pixels and a maximum width of 600 pixels.

So from now on, you are allowed to use the IMG tags in the following threads:
- Oblivion Trivia!!!
- Post Post funny, stupid or weird glitches that's happened to you.
- Post Your Character
- The Photographer's Guild

The code:

Please note the maximum width and height of 800x600 pixels.
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